Wordpress Websites and Blogs Are Easy to Install and Have Many Helpful Add Ons Available

by Traci Johnston

Installation of a Wordpress.org Website or blog is a breeze if your Web host offers cPanel with Fantastico or Simple Scripts. Fantastico users log into cPanel and click on Fantastico. A Wordpress window opens and click on new installation. The next screen asks for a folder or to set up a folder – generally called ‘blog’ as shown above – then click on . The only advance preparation you need is to have an administrator name, passcode and an email address where installation details will be sent.

For Simple Scripts you can register for free at their Website if your Web host provider does not offer the feature. Registration entitles you to three free uses. Thereafter the cost is a reasonable $15.00 annually.

You must select a Theme as the next step. What do you want the site to look like? A blog? A traditional Website with no sidebars? Or a traditional Website with a blog? All are available, with different sidebar arrangements, color schemes, included graphics, etc. Some come ready for drop in advertisements known as “banner ads”.

A rather vanilla theme is standard with installation, although you can change the header’s colors. The latest version of Wordpress.org also has a second optional theme included. However, there are many themes out in Web land. There are Free themes as well as subscription based and one time fee based.

With a free theme you need to install several plugins. These are add-ons that enhance and protect your site, add statistics, search engine optimization, etc., as well as customize it. Most are free although some developers request “donations” (which by the way I read is illegal per the I.R.S. unless you are a not for profit organization). You may need some code writing know-how to modify.

Technical support is not generally available with free themes. So you may have to resort to Wordpress on line forums and FAQ’s. There are also tons of tutorials and videos available for those of you in a learn at a snail’s pace mode or intuitive as I am.

However, if you are a fast tract, then consider a fee based theme or a subscription. You will pay a small fee (generally under $120.00) for most themes. For the fee you should get a perpetual license, lifetime upgrades of developer enhancements as well as technical support. Subscriptions offer multiple themes and may have to be renewed annually. Developer licenses are also available at a slight upcharge for those who want to publish Websites for others.

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