Why Hosted Exchange?

by Traci Johnston

Hosted Exchange gives you all of the benefits of an Enterprise level messaging solution for your small or large business with lower costs and complexity.

Exchange Hosting Features: Hosted Exchange, Managed Exchange- Hosted Exchange Overview; Exchange 2007 Features and Benefits; Outlook Web Access; Mobile Messaging.

Hosted Exchange gives you the freedom to work. Location, time zone are no longer barriers. An increase in productivity follows.

Key Features:

o Your data is available online and is secure. This removes the risk of losing important e-mail stored on your local drives.
o Create mailboxes just by few clicks: The administrator can create an e-mail box just by few clicks. Assigning distribution groups is very simple.
o Unified messaging.
o Follow tasks and manage team projects.
o Collaboration tools.
o Manage tasks on the go from anywhere.
o Access your private and shared calendars.
o Access e-mails/tasks/calendar anytime: Since you e-mails/tasks/calendar is stored at a centralized location, you can access them from anywhere.
o Wireless Synchronization: You can read and reply to an e-mail schedule appointments and meeting from your wireless device and the changes gets synchronized with the central server. This way you can make changes from your wireless device and continue to track it from your desktop when you are back in the office.
o You can track availability of meeting rooms and participants schedule with Smart Scheduling.
o Backups ensure that you don’t loose your e-mails. We have a 14 day back policy. This will ensure that you never loose any of your important e-mails.
o 24/7 support by Experienced Microsoft Certified Professionals: We have experience certified Microsoft Certified Professionals who are on standby to assist you, should you need any assistance.
o Outlook Web Access: This is a web based version of Outlook 2007 that coupled with Exchange; gets you the best of both the worlds – easy navigation and enterprise level communication engine.

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