How To Add a Web Form To Your Blog

by Traci Johnston

Your first step is to log into the back office of your autoresponder account. I am using Aweber in this example so if you are using a different autoresponder it may vary slightly from how Aweber does things. Click on create and manage lists, then click create a new list. You will be asked to add a list name, this is so you know which list your web form is connected to. After you have added your list name scroll to the bottom of the screen and click save list settings. You can now click the web forms tab on the right hand corner of the page.

You then click the green create web form button, you will then see the numerous choices you have. Once you have chosen your web form click the save button at the bottom of the page, click go to step 2, you now have the basic settings where you can choose a web form name, remember this is for you so you know which form it is. Underneath you have the thank you page, you have a choice of the basic, audio or smart video version, you can also use a custom page which is a website that you choose people to be directed to once they have filled out their details. I usually send people to my blog so they can find out more about me.

Once you have done this click on save, once it is saved click on go to step 3. This is where you are going to get that all important code to add to your blog so that your web form shows up on the sidebar. You now click on I will install my form, right click and copy the code. You are now ready to add it to your blog.

In the dashboard of your WordPress blog, look down the left hand side for appearance click on the drop down menu and click widgets. You are then taken to the widgets page where all the widgets you have installed are kept. Look for the text widget click and drag the widget onto the side of your page. When you release the text widget after it’s been dragged to the side, a box will open and you right click and paste the code you got from your autoresponder into the box. Click save then close. You can now view your site by going to the top left hand corner of your page and click on your blog name. You will then see that your web form has been added to your blog.

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