2 Controversial Blog Building Tips That Work Like Sheer Magic (Ultra Easy & Hands Off Too)

by Traci Johnston

It’s amazing how many blog building strategies are considered “black hat” or controversial. To me? It’s pretty silly…..with all of the REAL nefarious nonsense in the world, to focus on which ways are not “kosher” to build a big buck blogging empire seems a little bit silly to me.

So do you want to know a couple underground blog building tips that work like magic? I’m guessing that you do. (I know these excited me when I learned them..so hopefully you’ll find them helpful as well)

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Most people look at automatic blogs as “splogs”. (spammy blogs) Or unethical. Black Hat….bogus, or other words I’m not allowed to use here..:-) But the simple truth is, they’re absolutely WRONG. You can build completely automatic content on autopilot, using “white hat” ecologically friendly tools, and build sites that make money while you sleep while you’re at it. Using data feeds, for example, to build ecommerce blogs, is super easy…automatic, and hard to argue they’re spammy.

Put a nice template on a WordPress install, add some product catalog data file, a few news related RSS feeds, aggregate articles from directories which encourage the re-purposing of their content (all with original author attribution in place) and you have the REAL recipe for a unique, and killer blog that WILL convert like crazy. (and can be built in an hour)

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Essentially, you are just “borrowing” the trust of high ranking article directories, press release repositories and other social hubs to “borrow” their traffic. This article, right here is a perfect example of this strategy. This article is NOT on my personal blog or website. I’m writing it for a super popular article directory, whose inherent “trust” gives me a FAR better chance of getting this particular piece HIGHLY ranked in the search engines…often overnight, for a super competitive phrase that would take me a while to rank #1 for on my own. (blog building tips) Does this work? Absolutely it does. We’ve gotten millions of eyeballs in front of our offers using this simple (and free) approach for years, and it works WONDERFULLY well for blogs to boot!

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